BISAM Team (Top Management and Leading Specialists)

Leonid Gurevich, President of BISAM Central Asia.

One of the leading scholars and experts in Kazakhstan in the field of sociology and marketing research. In 1973 graduated from Kazakh State University. In 1994 received the Doctor's Degree in History. In 1997 was awarded with the title of the Professor of Sociology by the Higher Attestation Committee of Kazakhstan. In 2005 was elected as a member of the Academy of Sociology of the Republic of Kazakhstan - the most prestigious professional community of academics in the field of social sciences. Member of the Scientific-Expert Council of Kazakhstan People’s Assembly, member of the council to award degrees in sociology and business administration, was an expert on the social evaluation of national and international projects. He is the author of more than 150 academic publications including three monographs and three textbooks.

Since 1989 he has been one of the first in Kazakhstan who has initiated applied sociological and marketing research in the new market economy.

In 1994 he was the first sociologist in Central Asia, who was admitted as a member of the World Association of Professional Researchers (ESOMAR). In 2002 he was elected as the first president of Kazakhstan Association of Professional Public Opinion Researchers. In 2007 he was elected as a member of Russian Guild of Marketers.

He has experience in conducting research projects on various socio-economic problems such as healthcare, education and science problems, the development of small and medium enterprises, development of the country regions and industries. Author of original methods of integrated marketing research, integrated banking research, research for investment projects. Training: Warsaw University, Moscow State University, Institute of Research “Radio of Freedom-Free Europe”, International training-centre in Osaka city (Japanese). Delegate of ESOMAR congress in Paris, Vienna, Rome, Barcelona, Prague, Lisbon, Cannes, London, Berlin, Montreux, Atlanta, GA, USA. Participated as a speaker at the ESOMAR Congress in London.. Research experience since 1989.

Tatiana Otenko, General Director

One of the first researchers who started applied sociological and marketing research in Kazakhstan under the market economy conditions. Graduated from Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov. In 1988 she was among the founders of the first private research organization in Kazakhstan named "Sociologist". Since 1997 Tatiana Otenko has been one of the founders and heads of BISAM Central Asia. She was a delegate of several ESOMAR congresses. In 2007-2008 she was the President of the Kazakhstan Association of Professional Public Opinion Researchers. She has wide experience of coordinating research projects on various socio-economic issues, including healthcare and medical services. In 2006, she participated as the international expert of the Project for Asian Development Bank titled “Social Protection Index for Committed Poverty Reduction”. She is highly skilled and experienced moderator of focus groups including focus-groups with application of original projective techniques. Training: Kazakh State University, School of Professional Consultants in Saint-Petersburg. Delegate of ESOMAR Congresses in Paris, Vienna, Rome, Barcelona, Prague, Lisbon, Cannes, London, Berlin, Montreux. Research experience since 1989.

Botagoz Kapisheva, Senior Analyst.

Graduated from Kazakh National University of Al-Farabi with degree in Social Science. Has experience of researching, analytical and managerial work at professional market research agencies, as well as the skills of a practical marketer. Research experience since 1997.

Gulmira Bolatbayeva, Head of Fieldwork Department.

Graduated from Kazakhstan Polytechnic University. The most experienced Fieldwork Manager in Kazakhstan. More than 10 years of field work for BISAM Central Asia. Gulmira has got a wide experience in training and control of field work teams. Has conducted a lot of projects for international organizations. Fieldwork management experience since 1997.

Aigul Kabinova, Head of Research Department.

Graduated from Kazakh University of Economics with Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations. Aigul has a wide research project management experience. Highly skilled moderator of focus-groups in Kazakh language. Research experience since 2007.

Elena Novikova – Head of Data Processing and Analysis Department.

Graduated from “Turan” University. Professional user of SPSS software. Has the knowledge of all the major types of statistic analysis. Elena is very good at handling Successfully handles data processing and analysis tasks where original research methods are involved. Research works experience since 1997.

Yekaterina Galaganova – Deputy Head of Research Department.

Graduated from Almaty Technological Unviersity with degree in Marketing. Has been with BISAM since 2008 and accumulated experience of research project management on FMCG, corporate and industrial markets.

In 2009 the entire “BISAM Central Asia” undertook the training arranged by the Elevation Learning on the international program titled “Key Skill of Consultant” supported by BASP of EBRD. BISAM team is a well-balanced rational and efficient composition of mature and young employees; sociology specialists, economists, marketers and PR specialists; analysts and managers, administrative, researching, field and support personnel.